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Special Services


Weddings are celebrated, as the union of two people, who believe their individual lives will be richer because of their lives united as one. Couples will attend classes taught by the pastor, who prepares them for their life together.

Wedding Music Planning

To the Upcoming Bride and Groom,

Congratulations!! Planning you wedding is exciting. As director of music at Bacon Memorial I would like to share some thoughts with you on planning the music for your wedding.

Most of this information assumes that you want organ music for your special day. If you are planning on having other instruments or ensemble, such as a string quartet, you will have to make appropriate arrangements with them and discuss the music with them.

As your guests are arriving, I will play about 20 minutes of prelude music. I usually play an assortment of sacred and classical music.If you have something special you would like played during the prelude, let me know. If I have the music I will gladly play it. If I don’t have it , you will need to supply the music. Otherwise you don’t have to worry about choosing music for the prelude.

I usually play all wedding music on the organ, but if you prefer piano, just ask. The processional and recessional would be more appropriate on the organ because they have a more majestic of a sound , but it is your choice. Music played before the service could be played on either instrument.

Please note that a church wedding ceremony is a service of worship. Any music used during the ceremony needs to reflect the sacredness of the occasion. If you have a secular pop song that you just love and want as part of your wedding, save it for your reception.

Right before the bridal party enters, the parents of the groom and mother of the bride are seated. If you want special music played at this point, let me know. Otherwise I will just continue with the prelude music.

You will need to choose music for the Processional, when the Bridal party enters and the Recessional, when the party leaves. The Processional is usually a slower regal style march and the Recessional is usually quicker and more upbeat.

We can meet so that you can hear the music on the organ or you can listen to the music listed in the Wedding Music Sampler at your leisure. If you would like something else played contact me and let me know. If I have the music, I will gladly play it. If not, you will need to provide it.

Take some time to listen to different pieces and picture them at your wedding.Some are very commonly done, but don’t limit yourself to those.

For the Processional, you can choose one piece, or two different pieces, one for the Bridal party and the other for the Bride. If you choose the traditional Wagner Wedding March, I would definately suggest saving that for the bride and have something different for the bridal party. Either way I will play a fanfare before the bride enters.

You will only need one piece for the Recessional. After the bridal party exits I will continue to play a Postlude as the guests leave. If you want to choose another of the pieces as a postlude that’s fine. Otherwise, I will play something appropriate.

You are welcome to have soloist/duet or other music at your wedding ceremony. Keep in mind the sacredness of the occasion. Special music can be used as part of the service or as prelude music.

If your soloist needs accompaniment, please have them contact me so we can make plans to reahease. I will be at your wedding rehearsal and we can practice at this time, but I will need to know ahead what they are doing. We do have microphones they can use.

As soon as you know what you want, please fill out the Wedding Music Form, which you can find at the following link:


Please return the form within 2-3 weeks before your wedding.

If I can be of any help contact me at Maureen.Kwiatkowski@gmail.com

Best wishes as you plan your wedding. May God Bless you in this exciting time in your lives.

Maureen Kwiatkowski

Director of Music

Bacon Memorial Presbyterian Church


Baptism is the initiation rite of the church, which brings a child of believing parents, into the life and fellowship of God’s Family, called the Church. Baptism also includes adults who have never been baptized, and desire to follow Christ by public confession.


Confirmation of young people, normally who are going to be fourteen, or who have attained that age, or older. It is making a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ, and their desire to follow Him as a disciple through the life of the Church. This follows several months of attending classes, learning what it means to follow Jesus..


Following the death of a loved one, a service is held, which brings together both memories of the loved one(s), and the creation of a bridge of comfort into the future. As Christians, its our duty to help one another in times of despair, and loneliness.